Madelynn is All Smiles

Madelynn is all smiles.  She loves to catch mommy’s attention.  Today when I played, “monster hand” with her, she giggled with glee!  This used to be a “daddy game” that I have now adopted.  Shawn would take his big, strong hand and pretend to be a monster, grasping the children’s faces to hold and tickle and wiggle about!  The “monster hand” would fly through the air until it landed on someone’s chubby little cheeks.  Maddi is only six months old, but when I repeat the game with her, she smiles with recognition that this is something fun. 

I am trying to capture each memory I have of Shawn as a father and make this connection clear and strong for my children.  Whether they will have any memories or not, I desire for them to cling onto the sense they have of their dad.  As my friend, Lexi, shared with me last night, my children will not have their father in the physical sense, but they will have pieces of Shawn through me and although not the same, this can still be very powerful. 

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