Joy in Unexpected Forms

My kids missed the bus last Friday by thirty seconds. We were doing so well. Finishing homework, shoveling down breakfast, finding all the pieces to Halloween costumes for school parties, mending a hole in one of the costumes, packing backpacks and school lunches. Just at the point where I was yelling, "Get your shoes, grab your jackets," the yellow bus passed our house.

I decided to chase the bus. "Get in the car kids!" I said. Backing out of the driveway I told Jordan to direct me on their bus route. He told me to turn left and then asked, "Mommy, could you please put on a seatbelt?"

"There's the bus!" Maddi said. I tailed as close as legally possible, driving like I was in a Nascar race, waving my hands above the dash even though the busdriver coulnd't see me.

"Are there any more stops on the route?" I asked my kids.

"Nope, she drives straight to school from here," they told me.

Time for a detour.

"Where are we going, Mom?" Jordan asked.

"Starbucks," I said, letting out a deep sigh. Mommy taxi driver needed a boost.

"Mom, sometimes things don't turn out your way," Jordan consoled.

I love the wisdom of my son, who is at an age where he uses halves to distinguish how old he is. Six and a half is a very smart age.

"We enjoy a ride to school," he said, and I immediately smiled at how missing the bus was a small fortune from my children's point of view.

On the way to school I saw a billboard advertising McDonald's new coffee drinks. "Joy…Now in Liquid Form."

I'd like to create my own billboard. Joy…Now in Unexpected Forms. You never know when missing the bus will turn into an enjoyable detour.

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