My Kids

I am discovering with my kids that I will always have writing material.

Jordan and Madelynn spent the day playing school with art projects and snack time included.  We only endured one episode of glue spilled all over the kitchen floor.  For music time Jordan insisted we take out Daddy’s guitar and play songs.

Halfway through the day Jordan walked up to me and said, “Teacher, This is Kate Kelly.”

Preoccupied with my mommy list of things to do, I played along without completely listening and extended my hand, “It’s nice to meet you Kelly Kate.”

“No!” Jordan corrected, “It’s Kate Kelly.  She’s new in our class. Kate Kelly, keep your hands to yourself.  That’s what our teacher always says.”

“My teacher say so.” Madelynn was beaming with her new name.

“Jordan…” I laughed.

“You’re hilarious” he said before I could get it out.

“Yes!” I laughed harder. “You’re hilarious!

Last night while my kids were home with a babysitter, I ran some quick errands.  When I was getting ready to leave the house they came running to give me kisses and hugs.  Maddi took my face in her pudgy hands and gave me a big smack on the lips. 

Then in her biggest little girl voice she said with specific instructions, “No run cars.”

“Oh, thank you, Madelynn,” I replied fully knowing, “You want me to drive careful?  You don’t want me to run into any cars?”

“Mmm-hmmm.” She affirmed with hands on her hips.

And in that moment I prayed.  I always want to return home to them.

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