My Christmas

For Jordan and Maddi ~ because I wish the best for you ~ Love, Mom

Santa Claus and candy canes
Little boys and choo-choo trains 
Pecan pies and Christmas trees 
Little girls and wide-eyed glees 
This is my Christmas. 

What happens when it starts to swallow me? 
And I feel buried amongst all the festivities? 
What happens when I can’t keep up with the
shopping lists or food to make?
Or Christmas goodies I am told to bake? 

Apple cider, Christmas songs
Christmas cards short and long
Fire places, Christmas bells
The Christmas Story I like to tell
This is my Christmas.

What happens when I become consumed?
And forget to slow down and create some room?
What happens when I take meaning out of a season?
That is meant to exist for a most important reason?

Memories, candles lit
Time to be still, time to sit
Blue lights shining on my tree
Time to share with family
This is my Christmas.

Chaos is created, but not required
To enjoy and cherish those we most admire
I vow this night to remember the gift
I have in the loving hearts of my kids
They do not worry about needless things
They see the moment for all it brings
They are my Christmas.

I hope to follow the example they give
I hope to find joy in the life we live
I hope this year I can work to achieve
A holiday that whispers just Believe!
This is my Christmas.

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