New Hours for BE HERE NOW

I have made an executive decision.

There is no "Be Here Now" after 8:00 pm. This is the magic hour when the Silvera children should be fast asleep. From now on going forward this magical sleepy-time will be referred to the "Be in Bed…Now!" hour because Mommy loses much patience when her little munchkins are still chattering and asking for multiple drinks of water long after they have been tucked in.

In fact, non-sleeping children past the hours of eight o'clock make it impossible for Mommy Silvera to practice her "Be Here Now" philosophy. She finds herself wanting to be anywhere (sipping drinks by a pool, vacationing in Venice, even reading a book on the couch would be a bonus)…anything other than responding repeatly to little voices that have "just one more question."

Yes, the Silvera household has a new declaration.

Be Quiet Now. Be Still Now. Be Sleeping Now!!

God Bless and Goodnight.

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