She called me “Mommy-lu-ya” today. My first invented nickname from Madelynn. When she was young, Jordan came home one day after church and called her “Maddi-lu-ya” similar to Alleluia. From time to time we still use this precious nickname for her. She has a plethora of designated, loving names.

I love when Maddi calls Jordan “Jo-Jo” or he in turn calls her “Madelina.”  A charmed title created for endearment. Sometimes in Spanish I call my children “mis ojos” which translates to “my eyes.” They are my best sight. My reflection. My future vision. I most often call my children “love” because they best represent the meaning of that word for me.

Today when she called me “Mommy-lu-ya” her pleasant voice sounded like singing. She absorbed my attention in that finite moment. It was a connection meant for just the two of us; a piece of identity for me to discover.  For a name distinguishes the significance of who we are to someone. There are no sweeter names than those given to the ones we love.

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