Play Zone

I brought my kids to the mall today in Ecuador. It is fun to drink cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and listen to all the spanish mingling around us. One highlight was using the restroom and my kids stood under the automatic hand dryers singing, "We┬┤re taking a shower!"

We discovered a video archade with play things for kids. My children were fascinated with the climbing tower called Eurobungy! It was an 8 level tower of webs constructed out of thick rubber band looking ropes. It reminded me of my own high ropes course that I experienced in September. The difficulty is climbing up each level as your foot can easily slide inbetween the bands and you will drop to the level underneath you.

Jordan, my climber, was determined to try.  He quickly made it to the top enjoying every minute of the challenge.  His sister watched intently.  Then she decided she can do whatever her brother does and began to climb! Having trouble balancing, she inventively noticed the entire tower was surrounded by net material.  She wedged her chubby little feet into the netting and used it to raise her up like a monkey.  I watched in utter awe. My 2 year old daughter was soon at the top with her brother and proud as ever. 

What I noted was a spirit of tenacity.  One that says, "I can do this!" And indeed they both can.

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