Playing House

It's a lazy day. I have a week before I'm on a plane again. The next trip a writing conference in North Carolina. I'm happy to be home, though tired. I ask my kids what we should do today.

"Play house," Maddi says. She is my instant idea girl. "You can be the mom and I will be the sister and Jordan can be the cook."

Ah, a cook…now that's a grand thing to pretend. I would love to have a live-in chef!

Jordan is over by the kitchen sink holding a small green net in one hand and Blue Nemo in the other.

"Jordan, put him back!"

"Because Betas don't like to be out of the water?" he asks.

"Because no fish likes to be out of water," I say. I'm a little out of water myself. Writer. Author. Speaker. Mom. Mom playing make believe to be a mom. Pack for the summer cabin. Rush home. Hop on a plane. Unpack. Pack again for a trip next week. My sympathy for this little fish grows.

"Well, I'm the principal." Jordan tells Maddi feigning an English accent and I wonder where he learned to do that. "My name is Mr. Carole."

"Okay, sister and Mr. Carole, you go to school. I'm off to work at my office," I say giving them each big kisses and then realize I probably shouldn't be kissing the school principal. I set up my laptop at the kitchen table. I really just want to write.

"My name is Ally Silvera Grace." I hear Maddi tell her brother. It's a small school. He's also the teacher.

When I look over they are playing sleeping puppies under the piano bench. I can barely keep up. Jordan is the owner and Maddi's name has changed to Molly. Good thing I'm still the mom at work. I guess deep down I know who I am.

"Let's go outside," Maddi says. "It's more funner."

They grab flip-flops and head for the backyard. I send them out with water bottles and chocolate chip cookies knowing today is a good day. The perfect kind of day to play.

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