Playing with My Kids

“Today you are you,
that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”-Dr. Seuss

Playing at home with my kids isn't something I am very good at. I find that I'd rather read a book on the couch or eat dark chocolate. But, even when I don't engage in make-believe, my kids find a way to help me participate.

The other morning I tried to sneak in a chapter from a new book called God Never Blinks. Maddi didn't mind. She worked around my book, draping me in a doctor's coat and stethoscope. I had no choice but to fall into character.

"Red Alert! Red Alert!" I yelled. "We need assistance in the ER! Patient is turning blue and purple and pink…no wait…patient is always pink (dressed in her pink tutus!) Help! Batman…come to our rescue!"

Batman (aka: Jordan) was down in the entry-way tying a long white rope into several knots (a perfect thing for little boy Batman to be doing) when he yelled back to us, "Batman is on vacation!"

Minutes later I was frantic, looking at all the toys that had been drug into the living room. I ordered Batman and pink Ballerina to clean up before we started making lunch. Maddi looked at me taking exaggerated breaths, shoulders going up and down and with flashing dimples told me, "Breathe, Mom! Breathe!"

We tackled the job together. Maddi eager to please, "I got it, Mom! I got it!"

I thanked them for their help and Jordan replied, "You can count on us!"

That is my truth. I can count on my kids to remind me how to live.  Breathe. Play. Count on each other. 

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