There is so little time in this life to build relationships.

Dancing around the living room like they are in the movie Greece, Jordan stops to tell Maddi, “I don’t want to play Barbie’s and bracelets.”

Maddi agrees to play gymnastics and they both seem satisfied. She tells him, “I’m going to be a fighter-fighter when I grow up.”

Jordan says, “It’s fire-fighter, Maddi. Say fire-fighter.”

For a little girl who doesn’t pronounce the letter “r” this is a challenge.

Jordan skips the lesson and tells her, “Maddi, I’m going to be a fire-fighter, a detective and a police officer.”

I decide to interrupt and ask them their high point of the day to which they unanimously announce "the sandbox at the park." Maddi likes to have the last word and adds the ice-cream sandwich they shared.

Jordan tells her, “That’s not part of the sandbox.”

“Yes, it was,” she says.

“No, it wasn’t,” he says back and then as if on cue to start a new game, “Maddi, when I say, ‘no it wasn’t'…you say 'it was too.’ Now let’s practice.”

The volley begins.

“Yes, it was,” he tells her.

“It was, too!” she replies.

“Yes, it was.”

“It was, too!”

“Good!” Jordan concludes, “Practice that every day.”

Practice. Anything of value takes practice. Our precious relationships should be at the top of that list.

At the end of the day who would I really miss? Who would really miss me? It's never too late to practice. Never too late to spend intentional time with those we love.

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