Maddi and I went to have lunch today with Jordan at school. Maddi sat next to her big brother like she knew exactly what she was doing in hopes that maybe she could graduate into Kindergarten at the wise age of four.

Jordan bragged to his classmate across the table, also named Madeline, "This is my sister."

The little girl asked, “What's your house like?”

Jordan told her, “It's a little bit small and a little bit huge. It's medium size. We like it”

“What 'bout your bedroom?” she asked.

“It’s messy,” Jordan said.

“Does your mom clean it?” She wanted to know.

What an intuitive little girl I thought.

“We clean it together. We're a team!” Jordan said.

The children were hustled outside after lunch and I let Maddi graduate at least to recess. When we walked outside Jordan said, “You're going to like this Maddi…we have monkey bars and all the equipment you would ever like!”

I watched my son, who normally isn't overly interested in school, tell and teach his sister about his day. He spoke with pride as he explained the things that are important to him just like he spoke with pride explaining our house.

What is something important to you? Do you speak about it with pride? Do you speak with pride about the relationships in your life? How do you describe the people you love most?

Today is my day to speak about those I love with dignity and delight. Not to boast–instead to appreciate what they add to my life and recognize how much that matters.

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