Today I had my nails done.  Not because I am overly concerned about how my nails look, but because I bite my nails out of nervous habit and if they are painted I tend to ignore this poor practice a bit better.  As I was paying for the service, the receptionist commented, “You look so professional, where do you work?”  I genuinely smiled thinking about my place of employment.  I contemplated my answer as I responded, “I am a stay-at-home mom” while envisioning my “office” filled with diapers, dishes and dirty laundry in addition to my “work assignment” of raising two delightful children in the best way I am capable. 

I drove home smiling at my “professional” appearance wondering if my “clients”, Jordan and Maddi, would be as amused.  In any regard, it brightened my day to have someone tell me I looked somewhat composed instead of tired, overwhelmed or drained.  This seems like a good sign.

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