Maddi had to fill out a form at school describing everyone in her family and what they like to do. She wrote that her mom likes to type in her office. That same day, Jordan found me typing away and said, "Mom, I'm glad that you are writing about dad." I had to ask why and he replied, "Because he is proud, Mommy."

It made me think of a conversation we had before the wedding. One day Jordan told me, "I think Jesus and God are up in heaven crying because you are going to get married."

I was concerned with exactly what this message meant. "Are they crying because they are sad or happy?" I asked.

"Happy," Jordan replied. "Probably, yep…they are crying because they are happy."

"Are you happy that I'm getting married?"

"Yes," Jordan said with a definitive grin.

"What do you think about daddy, Jordan? What is he doing?"

"He's crying, too. He's happy, Mom…I wonder what it's like in heaven."

So do I.

The other night Jordan listened right away when I asked him to put something away in his room and come upstairs for dinner. While eating he asked, "Mom, do you think daddy would be proud that I'm starting to listen good?"

Isn't this what we all desire? Someone to be proud. Someone to believe in us and what we are doing.

I could only agree with my son, "I think daddy is very proud. I think he is very proud for many reasons."

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