Pumpkin Seeds

“There are two responses to trauma: to hold onto it in all its vividness and remain its captive or without necessarily ‘conquering’ it, to gradually integrate it into the day-by-day.” –David Van Biema

I roasted pumpkin seeds today in coconut oil. A great fall snack. My kids couldn’t stop eating them.

In-between bites Jordan tells me, “I need to go on the roof again for a little bit.”

Nearly choking, I say, “You’ve never been on the roof, Jordan!”

“Well…,” he says matter-of-factly, “that’s why I need to go. Can I use daddy’s ladder?”

Maddi doesn’t want to miss the interaction. She tells me, “We go outside, mama. We were skipping to the lou and I fell on my little tush”

“Precisely the reason to stay inside and enjoy your pumpkin seeds,” I tell my children.

Jordan wants to conquer the roof. Maddi integrates skipping into everything. And I want to memorize each of these days and all the funny things they say and all the many ways I love them.

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