Real Life

"Are those people real?" my five year old daughter asked me while doing an Insanity work-out video (Yes! I caved and bought an exercise video off a late night infomercial.)

She asked again, "Are they in real life?"

"Yes," I told her, all of those hyper bouncy skinny people are real, I know it's hard to believe.

"No, is that whole thing in real life," she persisted. "How did they get on TV?"

I guess the video wasn't her typical Disney movie. Makes me think a bit about real life, though.

I've heard of three very sad and very real stories this week. A man who died from an asthma attack. A man who commited suicide. A mom who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and three babies at home.

It all makes me question real life.

This is my real life today–two little kids running off the bus, smiles wide and legs jumping because their cousin gets to sleep over. Children decorating a gingerbread house pretending that frosted mini wheats are house shingles and tootsie rolls are logs of wood. Reading our advent story about two little boys who are making a journey to Bethlehem. 

I know real life can change in an instant. For many this week it has.

I'm taking note of my added blessings ordinary and real. May I never cease to see the real moments in front of me.

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