Share a Smile

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” —Line from the film "P.S. I Love You"

If you are looking for a good movie to watch this week, I recommend P.S. I Love You. It is a movie that definitely does its job to remind us about the meaning of life and the importance to find significance amid the simple steps of each day.

The night before Christmas Maddi prayed, “Dear Santa, please give the elves power so they are strong enough to get from my house back to your house."

I smiled.

Christmas morning Maddi told her brother, “Jordan, we’re just like Santa! We like milk and cookies!”

I smiled.

Over Christmas break we spent lots of time outdoors and lots of time with family. We went sledding at Uncle John’s house and picked marshmallows off his legendary Marshmallow Tree, which magically produces marshmallows each December just in time for the winter bonfire party! Maddi earned a new nickname as she ate more marshmallows than anyone else that day. Marshmallow Maddi.



I smiled.

Maddi loved our trip to Florida this December and personally meeting the Mouses (Mickey and Minnie). Yet, another nickname for my daughter, Minnie Maddi.

I smiled.

Maddi loves to sing with me at church. Musical Maddi.

That always makes me smile.

Not everyday brings smiles. Maddi is notorious for taking a full ten minutes to get in or out of the truck…to go anywhere. I try to wait patiently as she gathers dolls and blankets and snacks for our long car rides to the gas station or the YMCA. Who can be slower than my very own Molasses Maddi?

All I have to do is call her Molasses and I smile.

Share one of your smiles today and then tell me about it. It doesn’t even have to be with a stranger. Sometimes those in our very own household need it the most!

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