Maddi was sad that Jordan was racing her during their bike ride. "I wish he would stay home with dad!" she told me with defiance, her face burning and streaked with tears.

I wish that was an option, I thought.

"Is there another solution?" I said.

Jordan volunteered to play in the sandbox while Maddi rode around the track by herself. Within minutes, though she discovered going alone was not as fun and invited Jordan to ride with her again. This time giving clear instructions that he was to ride right next to her and wait. He obliged.

Soon they were biking with giggles accompanying. Hot and cold. They get along. They don't get along. They compete with each other. They work as a team. They love each other. They get annoyed with each other. They learn together. They laugh together.

On the way home I told them, "It's so great to have best friends. That's one of our best blessings in this world."

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