Still Beeping

Maddi and Jordan were playing with their doctor kit when Maddi announced that I was the patient. She checked my eyes, ears, knees, wrist. I got a band aid because "when you go to the doctor you have to have a band aid."

Last thing to be checked–my heart. Maddi put on her Fisher Price stethoscope that makes a clicking sound when you push the button and in all seriousness told me, "It's all good. It's still beeping."

I was happy with the report.

Each day our heart beeps with small and vibrant messages. Do we hear the beeping? Do we get the memo? Do we live with meaning and intent and urgency?

Because I see nothing more pressing today than telling someone you love them. And I see nothing more vital than sharing a hug or playing doctor with your kids. And I see nothing more important than using a heart that beeps or beats or pulses to make a difference in this moment.

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