The Best Gift

We celebrated Jordan's birthday last week with cousins and a small sledding party.

On top of the hill, with cheeks red and dusted with snow Jordan told me, "Thank you, Mom! This is the best gift you could have ever given me."

I smiled at the fact that my son's best gift had nothing to do with money or a material present. It was completely connected to being with people he loves and enjoying a winter activity together.

Back at his aunt's house we ate Jordan's favorite food, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and opened a couple of gifts. His cousin Evan asked him, "This is the best day, isn't it?"

Jordan replied, "Yes! This could be the best day of our lives!"

I have been rehearsing my son's words all week. This could be the best day of our lives. We never know. What we do know is each day we have is a gift–up to us how to spend it, share it, unwrap it, use it and appreciate it!

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