The Olden Days

Jordan has become an Indiana Jones groupie. He acquired the trilogy of Indiana Jones movies from a garage sale this summer. These epic movies about a 1930's American adventurer became popular during the 1980's. I must add these were not DVDs, the set came as VHS tapes. I had the humor of teaching my kids how to say "VCR" as we dusted off our Video Cassette Recorder from storage.

"Mom, were you alive in the 80's?" Jordan asked me.

"Yes," I told him. Why was I laughing when he was questioning my age?

"When were you born, Mom?

"The 70's."

"That's like the olden days," he said.

Wow! I always thought my parents were so much bigger than me, wiser than me, older than me. Now my kids think the same–now my kids think I'm old!

Olden days. Golden days. Summer is meant for these simple pleasures.

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