Watching Over Us

My husband, Steven, lost his father at the age of twenty-four. The airplane accident that took his father's life was tragic and unexpected. Steven relates to my kids in a way I can't, he has lost a parent and immediately they have a connection.

The three of them were hanging out one day having lunch.

"Did you make this, Papa-Poo?" Maddi asked Steven, pointing to her plate.

"The cottage cheese?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied, "It's very good."

Taking the compliment with a grin, Steven posed the question, "What're our Dads doing do ya think?"

Jordan replied, "They're doing their work."

"What work?" Steven asked him.

"Watching over us," Jordan said, "Steve's dad got a new plane that would never crash and my dad got a new hat…a new police hat."

Madelynn added, "I think my dad is with your dad in the airplane."

It was more than Steven expected. Watching over us. What amazing work. What a great place to fly around and wear a new hat.


Washington DC 2011 008

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