The Gift to Teach

My little Madelynn ~ I want to teach her everything.  I can’t wait to teach her how to sing, how to play the piano, how to read music.  I hope she likes it as much as me.  I hope writing music is her life’s therapy.  I see a smile in her eyes – just like her father’s.  She is full of curiosity  and energy and life.  Though little, her ambitious spirit seems to carry her.  She is not inhibited by her size.  She moves about to capture her new discoveries.  I am amazed by her tenacity.  Some may call it stubbornness.  I like to refer to it as drive.  Her dad was a very determined individual.  I will savor my chance to witness her resilience and strength.  I am so curious to observe her life with great interest; an invested interest that only a parent can possess.  I want to teach her everything I know.  I think instead, however, she will end up teaching me more.

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