Happy Birthday Part 2

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.  -George Sand

We celebrated Madelynn’s birthday at the police department today with our immediate family and the police officer’s families.  I felt so welcome there.  My brother-in-law told me it was the best place to have the party because we could feel a part of Shawn not only in the place, but in those around us. 

Madelynn enjoyed playing in a police car, eating lots of ice cream and having people sing to her.   

One of the police reserves reassured me that I will always be a part of them and that I will always be welcome.  He told me that if one day a doubt creeps in my head causing me to question if I am part of the badge family, I need to push all uncertainty out of my mind and find something else to worry about because I will always be a part of who they are and they will always want me in their lives. 

His message was the best part of my day. 

It feels so good to feel wanted.  It feels secure to be embraced.  It feels welcoming to be received.  I learned today that love comes in many forms and that if I am open to feeling loved in a new way, I may experience grand love on an unforeseen scale.  I don’t always feel open.  But, I do know that I always like to feel loved.  I feel content tonight that I opened up and allowed people to love my children and to love me.  Maybe this was the best part of my day.

Actually, the best part of my day was seeing Madelynn smile with her five baby teeth.  One year old and she knows how to find happiness.  She knows how to open up and love.      

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