Time Change

We received a snail-mail card from my brother Adam and his wife Lori who are stationed over in India for work. The letter was dated April 1st and arrived at our house on May 11, 2012!

At the end of the card Lori told us that she got her driver’s license in India and was driving like crazy! India most definitely is a crazy place to drive. Then she wrote, “APRIL FOOLS!” (a fun auntie trick for my kids to read.)

Maddi thought this was very funny and giggled to Jordan, “Aunt Lori doesn’t know that it is MAY over here! It must still be APRIL in India!”

Yes, India has a 12 hour time difference–which I’m sure my brother and sister-in-law would agree must feel like months apart at times. Still, I love how my little girl interprets life. Maddi sparkles with a unique quality to see life through smiles.

Enjoy your Friday–whether you are living in April or May!

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