Two Times at a Thing

"You actually know that, Jordan! I can do two times at a thing!" Maddi said with lips pierced and eyes lifted like she was holding quarters between the eyelids.

"Two things at a time," I said under my breath, overhearing a debate between brother and sister.

"No, you can't!" Jordan replied.

"I can jump, shout, and run," Maddi said hopping off a barstool in the kitchen to demonstrate. Soon she was jumping forward with incredibly fast motion throughout the living room.

"Pretty good," her brother told her, "But, you aren't shouting!"

I learn many lessons from my kids. How often do I try to do "two times at a thing?" (as my daughter puts it). How often do I try to pack so much into a day that nothing of quality really happened? Or maybe I should admit that I'm attempting to juggle three, five, ten things at a time. I'm closest cousins with the feeling of not being able to keep up.

I watch my kids. When they are building a fort with couch cushions, they are just building a fort. When they are playing at the park, they just play and play and play. When we are reading bedtime stories, we are just reading stories (unless we are waiting for Maddi Molasses to brush her teeth, we may try doing two things at once).

What one thing can I do today and give it my undivided attention? This idea may just give me the recharable energy I need when I inevitably have to juggle "two or more times at a thing."

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