We’re a Team

I received a follow-up letter this week from a parenting class I took this past winter.  The letter encouraged me for the efforts I am putting into parenthood and included a moving and motivating quote:

“True greatness happens when we produce kids who have a passionate love for God that shows itself in an unquenchable love and concern for others.  This greatness is maximized when our children thoroughly prepare to make the best contribution possible through their gifts and skills, team their dreams with someone who multiplies their capabilities, and do everything in complete submission to the God who called them to true greatness in the first place.” Tim Kimmel

Tears filled my eyes as I read the power and responsibility behind Kimmel’s words.  What greater gift can I give my children than the one where they recognize their potential and dreams?

Yesterday was Madelynn’s second birthday.  I treasured this day, because I treasure her.  We celebrated all week beginning one night with a pretend swimming party in the bathtub; Jordan, Maddi and Mommy all dressed up in swimsuits playing make believe as if we were at the beach.  The week continued with fun.  The Easter bunny visited with many surprising treats and Maddi’s relatives spoiled her with gifts. 

Even as I write, I know without hesitation the best part of any week or any day is time we spend loving and learning together.  We made an indoor fort a few days ago and snuggled up underneath the blanket-teepee.  I told my children I had a secret for them.  I whispered, “We are a team.  Never forget we were placed in this life together and whatever happens, I will always love you.  We will not give up on each other.  We are a team.”  Then I asked them to recite our secret motto and Jordan echoed immediately, “We’re a team!” with his little sister chiming-in within seconds, “Teeea-mm!” 

I know God has called my children to a life of true greatness and I am determined to cheer them along each step of the way.  Herein lays my life’s best possible contribution, helping these young lives discover their potential and live strong their purpose.   For as a  wise friend of mine said, "After all, if we only lived for ourselves what would be the point?  I hope that somehow, someway, I gave you something special."

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