What Day

“Tell me the story about my dad, Mom,” Jordan asked while I was fixing lunch.

“What story?” I asked, thinking he wanted me to tell him about hiking on Father’s Day or changing his diaper in the backseat of the car or going to Menards.

“The story about how he died,” my son replied.

My lips tightened.

“Did my dad see the car?” Jordan asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Why didn’t he try to run away?”

“He did,” I told him. “He ran very fast.”

“How do you know?” he asked me.

“Because I knew your dad very well, and I know he could run very fast…like Spiderman.”

Jordan smiled, like he already knew that. “What day did my daddy die?”

“Tuesday, September 6th” I replied, thinking that little boys shouldn’t have to ask such big questions.

I wondered if what he was really asking me was what day did life so drastically change. 

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