For Memorial Weekend, my amazing friends, Dana and Joel, helped me put up a flag pole in honor of Shawn to fly proudly throughout the year.  I was beyond pleased with the generosity of this honorable project.  The flag flies nearly as tall as my home, reflecting its image in the high windows of my house.  Reminding me of its history of glory, I can see it directly while sitting on my living room couch.  The colors are new and vibrant calling immediate and much deserved attention.  The banner waves significantly, speaking clearly of sacrifice and courage. 

We flew the flag at half-staff today in honor of Shawn.  The flag appears to reach for heaven.  It’s an emblem of pride, hope, honor, respect, tribute and admiration.

The best summary of our new flag occured tonight when I was tucking my kids into bed.  I noticed a new shadow waving gently on their bedroom door.  It took me a minute to realize that it was the reflection of the flag illuminated by the setting sun and swaying with the wind.  I remembered how shortly after Shawn’s death, Jordan would refer to the flag as “Daddy’ Cross”.  Watching the shadow continue to dance on the door, it felt distinctly appropriate to see its presense, like a shield or safeguard.  For me the symbolism of an American flag represents protecting, guarding, sheltering, and covering. 

I love that it will now become an unspoken part of our bedtime routine, a gentle rocking movement that provides one more cover.

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