Live Out Passion

This weekend I enjoyed Sushi with friends and stayed late talking with their 14 year old son about baseball.  The best part of our discussion was watching his notable exuberance for the game and the interest in his voice as he answered all my questions.  He used exclamation to share with me the sport he devotes many hours to studying, practicing and improving. 

What impressed me the most was his passion.  I think it is fascinating to talk to someone who is passionate about their subject, even if I may not know much about the topic.  The zeal in their voice and enthusiasm in their body language gravitates the listener towards them. 

I am convinced that in my life I want to hold strong to my passions and find enthusiasm in my living.  I wish to live a gravitating life; one that moves with inclines, is drawn by attraction, is involved with those I love and captivated by those who love me. 

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