Be Present

How do I accomplish the message “Be Here Now” which seems to meet me with each new day, following me around every bend or corner, and targets me from all considered angles?  I should know this lesson better than most and yet feel challenged when asked how to make it happen.  I want to be good at living life in the present.  I am finding it takes mountains of effort.

These are my daily commitments:

  • Be Still – Take at least five minutes a day to reflect or relax the mind (Try reading for five minutes before going to bed.  If it’s impossible to sit still try letting hot water run over me a little longer than usual in the shower.)
  • Make it Through the Moment – Instead of worrying about the day, work to move through the next hour, the next half hour; better yet the next minute.
  • Offer My Best – Offer all I have even if on some days that feels like very little.
  • Focus on Abundance – Provide myself daily with one thought that proves abundance exists in my life.
  • Share Abundance – Each day share one little piece of myself, my time or my talents with someone else.
  • Be Blessed – In the darker moments, thank God for his work in me.
  • Be Present – Ask myself, if tomorrow I left to meet God, what would I focus on in this moment to prepare my heart.
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