Beauty of Birth

Back Dated: January 22, 2007

One of my best friends chose to have a home birth and asked me to be present for the labor.  I was honored by the intimate privilege of this invitation.  I found the home birth experience to be calming with the relaxed atmosphere of dim lighting, soothing music and the comforts of home at hand. 

My friend, who is also a personal trainer, has challenged me in my own natural health initiatives, as a way to balance the overall perspective of my grief process. 

During some of the contractions, I soothed my friend by pressing outward on her lower back to distract some of the pain, while her husband coached her face to face, holding her hands in his.  I couldn’t help but ponder, that the trainer who had shaped my might, was now leaning her anguish into my strength.  It was very important for me to be strong for her.  Her friendship since Shawn’s death has often re-directed me in my times of unbearable suffering.  Serving her was but small thank you. 

As I worked beside the midwives who directed the process, I marveled at the beauty of birth.  I am in awe of life.  This is life.  To witness birth is the miracle of our existence.  I count today a blessing in many ways, mostly that I was gifted with the invitation to be present at an event filled with high purpose and meaning. 

Kai Benjamin Shawn was born at 10:54 pm.  His name was a surprise to me.  When asked what the parents would choose as a name for their little boy, my friend looked at me with joy and sincerity asking if it was ok to name him after Shawn.  Absolutely.  I am blessed to see life with new vision; in life that is taken and life that is given.  I am humbled to experience life at a new level; in life that is honored and life that is respected.  I hold much gratitude tonight; in life that is remembered and life that is welcomed.

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