Do Not Ignore

I write random thoughts on scratch pieces of paper, collecting them for times when I can sit and journal without interruption.  Those rare moments have no better description than rare.  Tonight I found a sketched quote with no reference.  I can’t remember if I wrote this or if I heard it from someone else.  I hate to take credit for what isn’t mine.  But, I have to keep it, because I like it so well.  I tried an internet search to locate an author and did not find a match.  I won’t be so brave as to say this is mine, but I will say it reads with great truth.  The longer I stare at this sentence, the deeper it appears to take on a three dimensional shape within my computer screen.  It needs no other explanation:

"Death should not be ignored – it is the stepping stone from all we were and had and did on earth into the perfection of God’s presence".

-Author Unknown; but could be me

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