Embrace It – Own It

I spent my 4th of July with very good friends.  I confided in them that I felt like I was teetering on the edge of accepting my new life and running scared – far away from it.  My friend confided in me that she could see without a doubt my life laid out with purpose – different than a timeline, moreso a vocation.  I admitted to her that I believed God had a plan for me, but daily feel overwhelmed to walk in that plan.  I told her how I hear an unspoken message to live the life I was created for – to live it well and to live it now.  I have a deep desire to embrace my life, yet how do I embrace pain and stay convinced this is what I was made for? 

Wisely my friend looked at me and encouraged, "Own it.  It is time to own your life and the opportunities God has placed before you.  He created you for greatness.  He created you for purpose.  He created you for now.  It is ok to embrace the life He has for you.  He wants you to own it."

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