Good Friday

I received an email from a man who spoke of a living loss.  He and his wife were in a car accident four years ago that left his wife paralyzed from the chest down.  He heard me speak at a church where I shared my story.  His note sounded familiar to many of the thoughts inside my head this week.  He gave me permission to share some of his words. 

“I, too, miss so much of what we had together; the walks in the field behind our house when the huge snow flakes were falling without a breath of wind.  The smell of her cooking when I would come home to a well kept house. She, too, is a stay at home mom and I always could come home to the comfort of our safe and loving environment.  I miss her hugs and dancing with her – all the crafts she would be busy doing, she was always busy doing something; made me feel guilty to sit down and relax.

But we are still together; we had to learn how to enjoy our lives together differently.  Thank you for waking up the appreciation of what we still have together. 

The two worst things in your life have happened; God and Shawn were both killed.  But God has risen again to show us the way, and I am sure that your husband is also with Him watching over you and the children and waiting to be reunited.”

God and Shawn were both killed.  Dreams were killed on the day Shawn died.  Preconceived futures were killed on the day Shawn died.  One moment we are driving life; the next we become paralyzed and life is driving us.  Both killed. 

But, God has risen.  Hope can not be killed.  I am sure.  Your husband is also with Him. I am sure.  With Him watching.  I am sure.  Waiting.  I am sure.  Watching over you.  I am sure.  Waiting to be reunited.  I am sure.  Hope can not be killed.  I am sure.  God has risen.  I am sure.

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