I Am on a Mission for You

You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honor.  –James 3:18 The Message Bible

Today the City of Lino Lakes publicly declared every September 12th in their city to be named Shawn Silvera Day.  Included in the ceremony was a beautiful sculpture dedicated in Shawn’s honor.  For me the event was incredibly symbolic of the meaning of community.  I read recently in the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, “Community requires commitment…It takes both God’s power and our effort to produce a loving Christian community.”   

I spoke at the ceremony about the message inscribed upon the stones, “Don’t Wait for Tomorrow.  Be Here Now.”  Praying last week about what I would share with the group gathered I passionately talked with God crying, “I am on a mission for you.  I want everyone to cling to these words.  I want people to see the importance of today.  God, I will commit my life to sharing this message in order that people come closer to you.” 

Gently I felt a tugging at my spirit, a response, God talking, “Jennifer, thank you for your generous and genuine offering.  Your gift to me is precious and wholehearted.  I do, also, need to tell you something. I am on a mission for you. I am on a mission to know your heart.  I am on a mission to fill in the gap of all your hurts.  I am on a mission to bring you into my kingdom.  I am on a mission for you to cling to my words.  I know you see the importance of today.  I know your eyes have been opened.  I know what you know.  And I will commit my every day to sharing myself deeper with you.  I want to know you better.  I want to know your heart in addition to all the hearts that come to the ceremony on September 12th. Yes, Jennifer.  I am on a mission for you.”

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