Office Space

Two weekends ago my dearest friend came and helped me clean out my office.  It was an extreme renovation.  A huge project and quite important as this is the place I do all my writing. 

I feel like I can breathe again in my new space!  Additionally, healing occurred in great measure during our sorting out assignment.  I didn’t know my cleaning project would in essence help me to take parts of the past that were ready to be set free.  It wasn’t so much that I was intentionally hoarding or trying to hang onto things unnecessarily.  Still the exercise of throwing out and organizing served as good timing to discard some items that had once served their purpose and would no longer be needed. 

My friend brought me a “cleaning project gift”.  She is a rare and treasured one to think of bringing me a present when I was the one who invited her to help me accomplish my work!  She gave me a word to hang in my office.  INSPIRE.  The word was an immediate fit.  It found a suited home in mine.

The physical action of organizing my office felt like a motion of freedom affirming me that I am on the path of my purpose.  The activity of putting things in place told me, “You are ready.”  Without having to plan it or make it happen; it happened.  I am on a healing journey.  Each day contributes to restoration.   For the new to enter some of the old must be discarded.  With new order in my favorite writing space, life was once again opened.

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