Silent Night

How is it that God meets me right when I need him to meet me?  He came on a silent night.  Not a loud, chaotic, noisy night.  Rather, he came in the quiet.  My new year holds less clamor and more calm.  This is where I find God. 

This last week, on many occasions, I felt like a complete failure of a mother.  In my review, my efforts fall short of what my mind places as prerequisites to my ideals.  I know I am very hard on myself.

Within 24 hours of my worried thoughts, I received the following note from a friend:

I have never spent a lot of time with you and your children.  It was quite amazing.  You are a wonderful mother. I don’t know whose eyes lit up more, yours upon seeing your children awake or your children when they saw you.  Honestly, I don’t think I have ever seen love more apparent than between you and your children. Your faces and eyes are transformed when you are together.

Only God could compose my uncertainties to match up to the thoughtful message from my friend.  Only God could work in silence and make still the commotion of my fears.  Only God would come on a silent night.  Only God would come in the quiet.

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