Thank You for This Day

Last night when I crawled into bed I whispered into my pillow, “Thank you, God, for this day.”  It was almost as if my prayer was identical to exhaling; it came without effort.  In the aftermath of this puzzling thought I started to identify each part of the day that had been good. 

Thank you, God, for a warm, lazy, fall afternoon to go to the park and play.  Thank you, God, for patience when my limits are pushed as a mom and thank you for the tremendous gift of motherhood.  Thank you for the resources to buy new shoes and groceries for the table.  Thank you for my children who love me through and through and show me pieces of Shawn in new and creative ways. 

And thank you, God, for the life we had with Shawn; the days and hours and minutes we filled together.  We will never forget how precious our time was with him and how extraordinary he was to us.  I think the gift we had in Shawn is one of the reasons why when I exhale it is only natural to be grateful.   

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