There is No Plan B

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn. ” – C.S. Lewis (1898-1963) Scholar, Novelist, Broadcaster

I was talking with my brother last week about my passion for writing.  I told him I feel my best when I write.  I have little doubt that I was made to be a writer.  It is my therapy.  It is my vocation.  It is my artwork.  On my most troubled days, if I can write I find remedy.  And on the occasions I discover my writing has helped someone else, my story transforms a piece of my pain into an exquisite instrument for healing.

I know writing is a gift to me.  How many people wander through life
questioning why they are here?  How many people wish they lived with
the definition of passion following them?  How many people wish they
were doing something different or that their life ultimately made a
difference?  How many wish they were brave enough to try something new?

Am I being too bold?  I hope not.  I would run as far away as possible
if someone believed I was bragging to be so grounded in my purpose.
For I know with my gift comes a heavy responsibility.  I understand
through plentiful nights of little rest the burden of Shawn’s sacrifice
on my heart.  I still have not written justice to the pain of loss.  It
may not be possible.  On the other hand, life is possible.  Living
completely, freely, movingly, compellingly, effectively,
compassionately, devotedly is possible.  These passions inside of me
can be practiced.  If I do not write, I am not living my passion.

At music practice last week, my good friend Paul explained to us a
concept of God’s plan for our lives described to him at a concert as he
had never heard before.  He shared that God does not have a Plan B.
That the life we are living in this moment is exactly where we are
meant to be.  The road we are currently walking marks the plan for our
life.  God knows where we have been and where we are going.  God wants
to be a part of every step of our journey.  This is his plan.  He knows
every detail designed for our life.  He holds the plan and we are in
it.  Because of this we can trust that we are here today for a reason.

God, show me my reason for today.  May I not become overwhelmed trying
to map out my next five years.  Let me see you today.  Let me hear you
today.  Let me see where you are going and let me walk with you.

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