This is Where I Want to Live

I gave Jordan a toy globe today mentioning this is the earth while pointing to where we live.  He held it up and said, “Mommy, do we live in the United States of America?”  A bit stunned I answered my two and a half year old with, “Why, yes we do, Jordan”  And then I secretly wondered how in the world he knew that. 

There are many answers to where we live.  Where do we live?  The United States of America?  Minnesota?  Forest Lake?  At the end of a curvy road? 

I think there is another sense of where we live or better stated, where our heart resides.  Where is our focus?  Where is our drive?  Where does our ambition and motivation come from?  Where is our character when it is instantly forced in front of tragedy? 

Will I be the one to help a stranger even when it is inconvenient?  Will I be the one to focus on the present moment even though my heart aches with worry?  Will I be the one to get out of bed and courageously face another day?  Will I trust God to be my motivation and fill me with His energy?  Will I be true to myself even if it exposes me and I am forced to become vulnerable? 

I hope I can say yes to these weighty questions.  This is where I want to live.  I want to live where I am true to myself, even if it takes some time getting there.

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