Timeline for Grief

I received an email this summer from someone who went through a very painful divorce; unwanted and unexpected.  He closes his letter by sharing, “To sum up everything here, I guess I would say that grief of this magnitude takes time, time takes endurance, and endurance takes reliance on God.”

This is the best description I have found thus far on the timeline for grief.  It certainly doesn’t go fast.  The relation of time to grief has nothing to do with speed.  I feel this past year has taught me deeply about stamina, determination, and drive.  The year revolves around strength; both my own and even more the unfailing force of my God.  In grace, God sustains me, provides for me, and delivers me.  He is my truest sense of survival.

Reliance encompasses my weak dependence, my shaking confidence and my inadequate trust in the God who will see me through.  Even when I have a difficult time believing in better days, God is loyal to walk with me regardless of how long this journey takes.

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