Yearning to Live

A far worse state still, far exceeding even sorrow or guilt, is the absence of all feeling, for that means that the soul is dead.  –Jerry Sittser

Driving home the other night I asked myself if given a choice to leave earth now or live longer, what I would choose.  Of course the tempting answer is to be with Shawn in the afterlife.  However, my truthful answer is that I want to live.  I feel I have more life to offer, experience and discover.  In my personal life, my children provide amazing validation for continuing the journey ahead of us.  There is hope that nestles deep inside the desire of living.  There is grace that surrounds our yearning to love.  There is trust that sees what the eye can not.  There is faith that finds a need to persevere.  I believe that only a soul yearning to live finds hope, grace, trust and faith. 

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