Concepcion de Maria

How does a childĀ“s heart grieve?  In pure form.  With the purest type of love.  And I am discovering that no matter what the age, they do not want to let go.  No matter what the age we share this trait in common.  We never want to say goodbye.  No matter what the age our hearts are fragile – seeking to love and to be loved.   

When Shawn and I lived in Honduras during our Peace Corps service, we rented a small apartment from a loving, enthusiastic family with five children, one who is my name sake, Jennifer Maria, and our goddaughter.  Their only boy, Hector Miguel, was five years old when we lived in Concepcion de Maria.  He and Shawn were great playmates.  During my visit back to this special place, I was told that when the children heard the news about Shawn, they cried and cried.  Hector and Jennifer slept with pictures of Shawn for weeks after the tragedy.  Some days their mother would find them sitting alone in their room holding each other in tears.

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