Nothing in Life is Ever Perfect

Nothing in life is ever perfect.  This is what my Honduran friend, Rafa, told me today.  He was referring to Jordan and the fever he has had since we arrived in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.  We are planning a trip to the doctor tomorrow.  This may delay our travels to Concepcion de Maria, the town that Shawn and I called home for two years.  This is OK, as Jordan`s health is the priority and Honduras is known for being flexible, changing plans and slowing down.  Nothing in life is ever perfect.

I remember telling my friend only months before Shawn died how good my life was.  I was intrigued with the idea of how blessed Shawn and I were with each other and our children.  I saw the fortune for what it was and was appreciative for what I had, although I didn´t understand how my life could be so blessed, while others seemed to live with heavy struggles.  Nothing in life is ever perfect.

And then the day occured when Shawn was taken.  This day continues to be surreal to me.  It was a contented sort of day.  A normal, regular, loving sort of day.  It was a ¨wave goodbye and smile because we love you¨ sort of day.  It was a day that didn´t necessarily seem perfect but in the same breath didn´t seem imperfect.  It was a ¨no need to worry, you´ll always come home to me¨ sort of day.  It was a ¨now I know that nothing in life is ever perfect¨ sort of day.

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