Simple Life

My lessons from Honduras are coming full circle.  The instructions I learned the first time around hold new meaning.  I am being taught again at a new level of understanding.  My training has taken on a double message.  Maybe I needed to learn each idea twice; once for the mind and then for the heart.

Life is simple.  Living life simply, frees the spirit. 

The moon is something to appreciate; especially when you can see its shadow during the daylight hours.  True friends remain true.  The green grass of the Honduran jungle comes in many shades of green, a magnificent contrast to Minnesota’s snow white world.  Candlelight is the best way by which to write.  A sleeping child displays the most peace. 

Some problems don’t have solutions.  Some questions don’t have answers.  Some answers don’t make sense.  Some responses don’t bring comfort.  Sometimes sense cannot be found, no matter how many times your mind winds around the facts or wrestles the details to the ground. 

Life is simple and complicated.  One does not exist without the other. 

Sometimes I cry without tears.
Sometimes I do not act logically.
Sometimes I am confused.
Sometimes I forget where I am.
Sometimes life is simple.
Sometimes life is beyond complicated.   

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