My house smells like Honduras.

For supper, I boiled red beans mixed with onion and garlic and made burritos with avocado and sour cream. Just like how I learned when we lived abroad. The trick is to soak the beans overnight. Any that float to the top should be tossed–a sign of a rotten bean or one that had a worm eating inside of it at some point.

I also check carefully for any rocks or little pebbles that sneak inside the bag pretending to be a bean. What deception!  I remember the time Shawn bit down on a bean burrito (baleada) in Honduras and cracked his tooth. He never did completely remedy that problem after repetitive trips to the dentist both in Honduras and the states.

I put the kettle of beans in my fridge after they had cooled off. Ready to reheat tomorrow just like the natives taught me. A kettle can last a week.

My house smells like Honduras tonight. And I like that it is soothingly familiar.

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