This is the Place Where I am Most Wanted

Last night we shared a dinner with a group of various friends whom we met during our time serving as volunteers in Honduras.  We enjoyed grilled chicken kabobs, feta rice and vegetables, biscuits and pistachio salad.  The menu was devised by our creative Peace Corps friends, who since their two year service continuned to live in Honduras and are currently working with the Rieken Foundation, a non-profit organization deleloping and setting up libraries throughout Central America. 

I took a moment to share about Shawn and gifted each dinner guest with a photo of our family.  I explained how much the meal meant to me and with a broken voice expressed that I was sitting in the ¬®place where I felt most wanted.¬® 

It is comforting to have a place that feels welcoming.  It is soothing to be surrounded by sights and smells and tastes that immediately and vividly bring my memory back to Shawn.  It is healing to know that I am in a place where we were both loved.  It was necessary for me to come.  If not for the physical gratification, at least for the mental pilgramage that will occur.  Each step taken is a complete challenge with each successful step affirming who I was with Shawn.   

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