A Surprise Card

A couple weeks ago I went to see a lady about quilting some of Shawn’s ties into a blanket.   From my journal entry about a month ago a handful of people emailed me with this idea.

The woman took special care and attention to my project and as I turned to leave her home she sensed our visit wasn’t quite over yet.  She asked me to wait as she went to a back room in her house and grabbed a box of homemade cards.  "This," she told me, "is another craft I do.  I make cards and I believe you are meant to choose one today.  There may be a message inside designed just for you."

My fingers shuffled over the box as if I were drawing a name out of a hat selecting a treasured  winner.  Slowly my fingers stopped as if in slow motion.  I hoped I was choosing the right one, very curious as to what it said.

I opened the hand decorated card, stenciled with colored pencil and read:

Today is a new day – Rejoice
A day full of promise & hope
A day of endless possibilities
What will you choose to do today?
Today is a new day – Rejoice

Before I even finished reading I knew the card was made for me.

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