A Very Good Life

So you have this life in front of you—the one you thought was empty and abandoned. And then one day you wake up and think, “I like my life.” Not the painful parts. Not the pieces that revolve around loss. Not the roller coaster madness of hurt that penetrates deeper than deep. But, the clean parts. The vibrant parts. The life-growing parts. Those are the new things that start to push through and bring reason to say, “I have a very good life.”

Is this faith? I’m not sure. Is it strength? I’m not necessarily convinced that it is. Is it grace? I think so. I think there is much much grace given to the one who says, “I will come to the table and give you what I have—the real me—this is who I am. I will show up. I will commit to meeting myself here each morning until I can say I like what I see."

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