Christmas is All Around Us

My son, Jordan and I have been battling a bad cough and cold. Last night he left a letter for the elves:

        Dear Boss Elf,

        I feel sic. Can you bring a speshall medusin (medicine) for me? It wud make me happy. I love you Boss Elf. And you tu other elves.  Love, Jordan

My kids decided to leave Santa green beans and an apple along with Oreos. They were concerned that Santa doesn't eat too healthy. We read the Christmas story and got tucked into bed. Maddi told me her feet were cold and she couldn't fall asleep. I started rubbing her feet when we heard sleigh bells outside. All eyes grew big. Maddi told me, "Forget about my feet!" Immediately she rolled on her side squeezing her eyes shut.

Santa brought a hula-hoop and new paints, a Lego airplane set and a rope ladder kit for a tree fort this summer. Mommy even got a new Rachel Ray spaghetti noodle stock pot! Wrapping paper is freshly opened. And we have a new favorite family CD for our car rides, GLEE Christmas.

Christmas is all around us. The new and the old. The family and friends. The snow and the pine trees. The struggles and joys. I read a Christmas message by Pastor Bob Merritt from Eagle Brook Church where he writes, "Jesus left his home and came to ours to give us hope; hope for forgiveness and a new start."

What I am learning this Christmas season, a lesson that's been following me for years is that Jesus is near even when we don't feel it. Pastor Bob also talks about our prayer during the hard seasons of our lives: Show me, God, how to move when it feels like you aren't around.

I sang for Christmas Eve Mass last night and my favorite song was called, "A Baby Will Come." The song sings of, "The advent of life, let hope arise. We've our Savior in Christ. A Baby has come. We've waited so long, God, for Your mighty arm. May our doubts ever calm, for a Baby has come."

A Baby has come with a gift of hope. Our waiting is over, advent is complete, our hearts are filled.

Where would we be without hope?

Hope keeps us moving. Hope brings us new starts. Hope brings us good news.

My good news? I was engaged on October 1st, 2010 to Steven, a man of character and strength. This is my news of hope and joy to share with you this Christmas day. Christmas is all around us.


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